Youth Ministry

Our Vision

The vision of our youth programs at the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay is to assist youth to become deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ who: love God, care for each other, and serve in the world.

Youth serving in music ministry

Our Purpose

We have a purpose at UMC WFB to bring young people together in a life of faith, action and fellowship, and address spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to youth. We want to create a safe space for our younger people to gather and share their lives with each other and with caring adult mentors.

Our Mission

It is our hope that both youth and adults will be able to build meaningful relationships with each other and with God. Our ministry is to provide opportunities to encounter Christ and serve God through missions and service projects to become better disciples of Christ. Through worship, service projects, activities and conversation, we explore our faith, grow in fellowship, and equip the youth with tools to live a Christ-like life.

Our Weekly Programs

Sunday School

Middle School Meeting
(ROC – Rely On Christ)

(8th Grade Spiritual Formation)

High School Meetings
(LOFT – Living Our Faith Together)

What is RoC?

Special Events and Opportunities

We provide youth with opportunities to serve church and world with their gifts.

Do you want to get involved? Need more information?

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