Taizé Worship

7:00 pm, in the Sanctuary

Held on the first Friday of the month.

This simple service of prayers and singing is a meditative time which includes reflective music conducive to prayer.

Taizé Music

Practice is at 6:00 pm before the monthly service

Director: Sue Stanley

New singers and instrumentalists are always welcome!

What is Taizé?

The Taizé movement was established in 1940 in a small village in Burgundy, France by Brother Roger as an ecumenical monastic community.

The heart of Taizé prayer reflects a quiet, peaceful receptivity before God. Musicians, singers, and liturgists lead with a minimal sense of being in the spotlight, in that they are either not seen in center front, or are scattered throughout the assembly. In this way, individuals feel a more direct communion with God. The Taizé prayer, “Between ourselves and God there is no between” echoes this spirit and symbolism.

Taizé prayer is likely to be slower-paced with more silence than you may be used to. Integral to the prayer is a conviction that truth is communicated that cannot be put into words. A minimum of words is spoken, in sacred readings and perhaps brief spoken prayers. The prayer time takes place in subdued lighting, and largely consists of praying by singing repetitive yet profoundly beautiful refrains, sharing periods of silence, and participating in gestures like candle lighting. These can all carry us to a place of much deeper communication than long conversations.

To better understand our Taizé service, please view programs from previous services: Program 1, Program 2

Click here to visit a Taizé website.

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