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Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”   

John 20:21

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism movement, spoke out “I look on all the world as my parish.”  We are people who are gifted and empowered to go out to the world and serve as feet and hands of Jesus Christ as we pray and trust that may God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Explore more information below on various outreach programs that will lead you to connect with, learn from, and serve humbly God’s people in our country and abroad.

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All students, 8th grade through high schools, parents and adult volunteers are invited join us on our annual trip to Appalachia Service Project, JULY 17 – 26, 2021.
We will appreciate your input on fund-raising events to help offset the expenses. Are you an adult interested in volunteering as a team leader/chaperon, please contact Lori Aeschbacher at or Steve Lirely at for more information.  AND, text ASP to 94253 for more information and updates.

ADULT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!  Contact Steve Lirely or Lori Aeschbacher today!  This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of youth, in Appalachia and in YOU. 

What is ASP?

Appalachia Service Project, Inc. is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that fosters human development by addressing the housing needs of Central Appalachia.

ASP’s primary goal is to make homes warmer, safer, and drier for the people of the Appalachian region of the US. Lives are transformed — youth from around the country become the hands and feet of Christ and serve one another out of His love.

For more information, check out the homepage: and ASPFacebook

Download forms: Required readingRegistrationYouth permission slip and covenantAdult permission slip 

Please Support ASP

It takes a lot of financial support to make the trip to Appalachia a possibility every summer. Here’s how you can support our next trip:

ASP Stock will be for sale (meet us in the Jones Narthex Sunday Mornings). You ‘invest’ in us, we’ll let you know what we’re up to each day of our trip!

Donate at the church office. Money goes toward scholarships, van rental, gas that will take us to Kentucky, and much more!

You are always welcome to make a contribution toward the trip, even when there are no fundraisers scheduled. Simply click on the donate now button or make a check out to UMCWFB and write ASP trip in the memo line!



Support the community in Alaska with your 2017 Christmas Offering

Partner with us in supporting the mission/ministry of Community United Methodist Church in Nome, Alaska. The church is known to the community as much more than a place of worship. Their mission and ministry includes providing a hot meal every day and a warm emergency house for children who have been removed from their homes due to unsafe conditions in their home, running the community Boys/Girls Club in partnership with the denomination’s US2 Missionary Program, and offering food items through Food Bank and clothes shopping through Thrift Shop.

Rev. Charley Brower who is an Alaska native pastor serving in the community shared with us the needs of repair for the church building ceiling in the entry area damaged by water break and the arctic entry to lift, level, and reattach. Besides the repair project, our Christmas offering will help provide scholarship to develop native Alaskan young pastors and lay leaders through the ecumenical learning program “Giving Voice.” With our support, Alaskan leaders will be empowered and encouraged in their ministries to offer worship and community service in rural villages in Alaska.


Nome, Alaska is above the tree line on the Bering Sea. A community only accessible by plane, Nome has a population of 3500. Community United Methodist Church is the oldest protestant church in the community. The congregation is comprised of Native Inupiat people and Anglo people who have settled in the community over the years. The church provides many ministries in addition to worship. One of those ministries is hosting a thrift shop. Along with the United Methodist Church, the Women’s Division of the United Methodist Church has extensive ministries through the Community Center that they support. There they provide care for children in transitional situations, a Boys and Girls Club during non-school hours, a senior’s daily lunch and program along with services such as a food bank, laundry facilities and showering facilities.

Some of the significant issues the pastors and missionary interns deal with include alcoholism, child sexual abuse and poverty. They seek to be a healing and spiritual presence in a very tough environment.

Our relationship with the community of Nome, Alaska traces back to late 1990s. With the leadership of the late Donn Hagland and his surviving wife Alma, the church have participated in work camps and provided Community United Methodist Church in the community with financial supports for use of water, gas and electric. With 2017 Christmas Offering, we go deeper and further in making a difference in the community with the church.

For more information and question to support our partnership with the Alaskan community, contact Pastor Peace.

Contact: Cassi Carey (414) 581-0018

Mission Guatemala is a faith based non-profit organization whose purpose is to help meet the basic needs and improve the lives of underserved and impoverished Guatemalan people through health, education and nutrition initiatives and missionary service. Founded by Tom Heaton, a United Methodist Pastor who has been working to meet the needs of the poor in Guatemala since 2000, Mission Guatemala’s projects have improved residential areas enhancing the overall environment of communities.

The United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay supports the efforts of Mission Guatemala through an annual work trip.  In the past we helped to build a school kitchen addition designed to provide healthy meals for 500 children each day while sharing Christ’s love.

Video from the 2014 trip:

The United Methodist Church in Honduras has a dozen growing congregations around the country, and these ministries are supported in a large part by volunteer teams from North America. Our group works for the UMC Honduras mission in the capital Tegucigalpa. The project is in the early stages of a new multi-purpose facility that will be used for technical education, day care, worship, accommodations for visiting mission teams, and headquarters for the conference. Check out the UMC Global Ministries webpage on Honduras to learn more!

The 2015 Honduras Mission Team partnered with Optometry in Mission and gave eye exams as well as handed out glasses, sunglasses and eye drops. Thank you for all your support and donations! If you are interested in making a donation today, click on the button below.

In February 2018, a team went again to Honduras and worked with the United Methodist Church in Honduras to strengthen their mission, especially to provide help for the construction of a new parsonage in the village of Diez de Septiembre (10th of September).


We are a sister church of Ebenezer Cathedral Methodist Church in Winneba, Ghana in West Africa. This kinship began when the Emmanuel United Methodist Church on West Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee became part of the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay in 2014. The people from the Emmanuel church paved the way for building the relationship and have facilitated the development of the relationship.

With the help of the sister church, our congregation purchased and sent Bibles and hymnals to the Gethsemane Methodist Church in the village of Akwansa Kokodo. That act was greatly appreciated.

In 2016 Advent/Christmas season, with the monetary gift of about $8,000, we also supported the project to build a clean healthy water system in the village. This project benefits over 7,000 people who otherwise would use water from the polluted muddy river and get diseases.

In May 2018, the Winneba Methodist Church minister and congregation invited us to go to Kokodo to celebrate in the dedication of the well. A small group of our church members including Aba Baffoe, CynthiaBoock, Steve Schiel, Lyn Raffensperger, and Pastor Tshishinen Chingej traveled to Ghana and were embraced with great love and caring by the members of the Ghanaian church and community.

A new missional project was spearheaded in the summer/fall of 2018 by the visitors from our church. During a tour of the Winneba area, they viewed the middle school library – a room with pamphlets but no books, wall openings but no windows or doors, and scattered chairs and desks for furniture. That library visit sparked the idea that became an ambitious project to collect books and raise donations to ship the books and create an improved library space.

In January 2019, we sent by ship thirty-six boxes of books containing 2,313 books, 110 book bags and one large world map. More than $6,800 was donated for the costs of shipping and for the shelves, desks and windows of the new library room. In addition to the 930 students enrolled in the school, all the children in the village will use the library – and meet a larger world through the books.

We, along with the sister church in Ghana, serve as an instrument of God’s life-giving blessing.


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