Racial Diversity Initiative

The Racial Diversity Team was formed in July of 2020 in response to the police shootings and resulting protests that occurred during that summer. The team believes that, as Christians, it is important that we better understand the reasons behind the racial protests, the challenges facing minority communities, the impact of systemic racism and white privilege, and what the Bible says about justice and equality. However, it is equally important that we put our words into action and seek to eliminate the racial inequities that exist in our society.

The Racial Diversity Team operates under the umbrella of the Church and Society ministry of the church and supports the call of the Bishop of the Wisconsin United Methodist Conference to make racial justice a priority.

Please see our upcoming events listed below.

The Mission of the Racial Diversity Team is to understand, acknowledge and confront the racial inequities, ideas and beliefs present in ourselves, our congregation and our society and fulfill our Christian calling to love, care and seek justice for those impacted by inequities.

The four main goals for our Racial Diversity Team are:

1 – Pray: Pray daily for change

2 – Listen and Learn: Develop and implement educational programs, opportunities for dialogue, and activities within our Church that focus on racial diversity and justice

3 – Engage: Facilitate relationships with and between our UMCWFB members and our racially, socially or economically diverse neighbors and communities

4 – Act:  Advocate for racial justice


You must register for Reggie Jackson’s presentation using the following registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpdeyvpz8rH9A4P96gwFWh9425uCFdVzfD

The Zoom link for the remaining sessions is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89109430677

You are encouraged but not required to register for these sessions. You can register by emailing the church c/o aeversfield@umcwfb.org or calling 414-964-2424.  

The series is free, although free will offerings are welcomed and can be sent to the church at 819 E. Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay, 53217

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