“Livestream Concert Series” Join us THIS FRIDAY! Now, streamed only through our website.

Join us this Friday as our livestreamed concerts continue! Use this link to watch: http://love-care-serve.umcwfb.com/livestream-sunday…/.

The trio of Chris Straw, Jon Pagenkoph, and Lorraine Straw, two vocalists with guitar, will perform Friday, March 5, at 7 p.m. Chris, Jon, and Lorraine will perform songs mostly written by Chris. Many of their songs may be found on the 2019 CD, “Echoes of Home,” described by the Shepherd Express as “eclectic” and offering “odes of human interconnectedness, contentedness and wistfulness.”The trio will be joined for several numbers by UMCWFB’s David Hein on piano.CD recordings of Chris’s music are available. Email chrisstrawsings@gmail.com, $15, plus $3 if mailed.

See below for full schedule!


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