All are Welcome to join in our Habitat Art Project

Men’s Ministry &  Family Ministry Habitat Project 

We have the 2x4s/studs for you to decorate with pictures, messages (including  signs if you wish), and/or with signatures.  Habitat for Humanity has 4,000 studs to build 15 houses this summer and wants to have the families who will help build their house see your message of welcome and caring for them before the studs are covered with siding or drywall.  This project will give that extra warm and welcome feeling to the house!  See the pictures included for examples of decorated studs – some in the framing below. 

We have the month of February to decorate.  Men alone or men with kids,  grandchildren, and mom can get the studs and decorate – one, or 2 or more studs at your house or with family groups. Pastor Andrew wants to have Family Ministry groups over at the parsonage (outside in the garage and/or on the driveway) to decorate.  More details to follow. 

All the activities, other than your in-home decorating (as you decide), will include COVID-19 compliance.

Here is the plan:

–  Plain studs are at  three locations for you to pick up.  

Contact your nearest “supply garage” with your  requested pick-up time.

Don Lybeck, near Hampton and Sheffield Ave., WFB, 414-807-5789,

Dick Steinmetz, 7230 N. Wayside Dr., Glendale, 414-352-3578,

Pastor Andrew Jones, 816 E. Glen Ave., WFB, 314-691-7378,

–  Decorate the stud(s) with permanent marker and exterior paint  

–  Return your  decorated stud(s) to the church – in the Narthex marked area -between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Deadline is Sunday, February 28, 2021 

“It sounds like a lot of fun and very meaningful – lets do it!” they all say.  

Contact Don Lybeck, Dick Steinmetz, or Pastor Andrew with questions.

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