Accountable Leadership Board

The Accountable Leadership Board (ALB) is responsible for the governance of the church, including the operations of the Finance, Facility & Property and Staff Parish Relation functions.  The ALB oversees the finances of the church and the maintenance of and capital improvements to the church and the church-owned houses. The ALB approves key hires and supports and reviews the senior pastor.  Finally, the ALB and the Senior Pastor establish the long-term strategy of the church.

Members of the ALB are selected by a Board Selection Team and approved by the congregation at a Church Conference.  Board members should be active members of the church with a strong faith and a good understanding of the church generally or of a key ministry area. Candidates for the Board are asked to complete an application and are selected based on the role to be filled on the board (e.g., as a representative of an operational area or a key ministry area) and the goal to achieve diversity on the ALB in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and involvement in church ministries.

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